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Chino Peruvian Street Fare

Welcome to Chī fa

A Peruvian staple rooted in Chinese tradition has arrived to Wynwood.


The name Chī-Fa derives from the Chinese language, Chī meaning Eat and Fa meaning method.

Inspired by the blend of traditions and flavors of two millenary cultures, Chī-fa is a modern interpretation of Chino-Peruvian cuisine. Chī-fa’s first embodiment as a lively and colorful food truck at the popular Veza Sur Brewery in Wynwood is the perfect vehicle for its expression and introduction to the world. 

From the creative mind of renowned chef Jaime Pesaque, Chī-fa’s culinary creations are a celebration of bold flavors and textures. Offering a condensed yet perfectly crafted menu that includes dishes such as spicy beer eel marinated chicken wings, deconstructed shrimp anticuchos with hoisin and pickled pineapple, and the favorite udon noodles in creamy tahini sauce.

fungīn’ awesome street fare

Chī = eat!

At Chī fa, you’ll encounter an explosion of Latin-American flavors reminiscent of Chinese traditions.